Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dear My future ''IMAM''

O my future Imam...
I may not know who are you 
I may not know where you are from 
But I do not care
I 'm sure someday Allah will let me know about you 
I 'm sure you are the best that Allah has chosen for me 
I'm sure Allah will allow me to meet you on the right time 

Oh the owner of my rib ....
Whoever you are 
I promise 
If I found you ,I would love you eternally because Allah 
I would always obey your commands 
I would stay by your side ,no matter what 
And keep this love till the end of time 

If you only knew 
Deep inside ..


I pray for the one who will be a part of my life 
A man who loves you more than anything 
A man who loves me because of you 
A man who understands me completely 
A man who needs my smile to make him happy 
A man who has gentle heart and nice behavior 

Ya Wadud...
Please guide my heart 
Do not let me fall in love with the wrong one 
till the day that You specify 
I'll keep my love for the chose one .. insyaALLAH ((=

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